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16 September 2015 - Pequeña

New drawing for Pequeña dessert studio


26 July 2015 - Under Stars

My last drawing Under Stars is inspired by Aurora www.aurora-music.coma singer-songwriter and her beautiful song Under Stars.

I can't express how happy I am that Aurora likes and shared my drawing on her Instagram profile!

Secret Place video

22 July 2015 - Secret Place video

Several hours of work in 40 seconds.


27 June 2015 - KURGAN BEST FEST 2015
26.06.2015, Contour Family, St. Petersburg

Kurgan Best Fest 2015

25 June 2015 - Kurgan Best Fest 2015

My works will be exhibited at Kurgan Best Fest in Countour, St. Petersburg, 26.06.2015

Wedding invitations

7 Jine 2015 - Wedding invitations


6 June 2015 - Instagram

Check out my Instagram profile for the latest updates.

Pocketful Illustration Magazine, issue 11, 2015

Pocketful Illustration Magazine, issue 11, 2015, "Behind the moon... Beyond the rain..."


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New Birds!

9 March 2015 - New Birds!